Health & Safety Myths

Since the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) started the Myth Buster Challenge Panel they have been inundated with cases to review and we want to share some with you.

  1. Daffodils are a danger to the public
  2. Prams banned from children centre for H&S reasons
  3. Ban on conkers, yoyo’s and skipping ropes
  4. Hanging baskets banned incase people bump their heads
  5. Replacing park benches because they are 3inches too low
  6. Office workers banned from putting up Christmas decorations
  7. Office ban on paperclips
  8. School production cancelled as lighting operator hadn’t attended ladder training course
  9. Pork crackling taken off the menu as it may splash the chef
  10. School children ordered to wear clip on ties in case they choked

If you have heard of any other Health & Safety myths leave us a comment below we would love to hear about them.Blog divider RAC

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