The Most Common Causes Of Fire In The Workplace

Fire hazards can be found in every workplace, with some industry sectors being more prone to the risks than others. In a high risk industry it is even more important to keep on top of possible hazards and ensure house keeping is maintained.


The Most Common Causes Of Fire In The Workplace are:

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The responsibility of ensuring workplace fires are a minimal risk lies with all employees. However, having your own Fire Marshals on site to manage the risks will reduce the likelihood of them occurring and help maintain the health and safety of employees in your workplace.

Have you appointed a Fire Marshal/Warden? Who should attend a Fire Marshal Course?

Fire Wardens are usually nominated to take on extra fire related responsibilities in the workplace. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that “A sufficient number of competent persons must be available to implement procedures for the safe evacuation or relevant persons from the premises”.

Agility’s half day Fire Marshal/Warden training is aimed at individuals appointed as fire marshals/warden’s within an organisation. The course will enable them to fulfil their duties effectively, while protecting other employees and company assets.

To Find out more about our Fire Marshal Course Click Here


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