Health & Safety Update 2018

The HSE have published a 2018 reprint of the Health & Safety Law Poster which all employers are required to display. The poster outlines British Laws in terms of Health & Safety and tells workers what they and their employers need to do to ensure their own Health & Safety in the workplace. It also outlines what to do if there are workplace Health & Safety concerns.

HSE Poster 2018 Update

As an employer you have a legal duty under the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations (HSIER) to display the poster in a prominent position in each workplace or provide each worker with a copy. On this poster you can also add details of any employee safety representatives or health and safety contacts for employees to access at ease and for employer peace of mind.

The HSE have several different resources available for you to purchase including the Health and Safety Law Poster or Health & Safety Pocket Cards. If you need a copy for free they also supply a free Leaflet to download.


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